For most people midterm is all about tests, studying, and coffee.  While I can’t deny the coffee and studying aren’t a part of my midterms, all my tests were over the last few weeks and I’m on a break between testing weeks.  So, my midterms is turning into Disney prep.  I started this blog, I am going to talk to advisors, the scholarship office, and a new Theta sister about the application process.  

With my thoughts focused on the fact that it’s already midterms, the past few weeks I have been feeling really sentimental about Auburn.  I love this place so much and when I leave for Disney, it will be the longest I have been away from Auburn since I moved in freshman year.  Crazy!  I’ve been walking around campus marveling in how beautiful and wonderful my school is.  I am really going to miss it.

However, I get more excited every day for Disney!  I have already found 5 wonderful girls to live with and we talk almost every day! I’m so glad I am getting to know them and can’t wait to meet them in person!  One of them gives us updates most days of how long we have until move-in.  (Under 100 days, if you’re wondering.)  They remind me every day just how wonderful this experience is going to be and how blessed I am to be a part of it.

Today, I was exploring some Disney blogs and found one from a girl who just finished her program and had me tearing up from excitement!  I still can’t believe I will get to live, work, and play in Disney World!  I am living out every child’s dream, something I hope never to take for granted while I’m there.

War Eagle! TLAM! Have a Magical Day!



In case you haven’t heard… I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!

I will be a Disney cast member for the spring semester!! I will be working in a hospitality role at one of the Walt Disney World resorts!

I applied to the Disney College program sort of on a whim, not really expecting much.  But, oh, so very much can change in a matter of weeks.  If you had asked me at the beginning of the semester what my plans were for the spring, I would have said I would be doing the same thing I am now, taking classes.

I got more excited about the possibility of Disney the further I got in the application process. I don’t think I knew how much I wanted to go until I got the acceptance letter.  I really still can’t believe I get to live in Disney World for four months!!

However, I am pretty upset about not getting to be in Auburn in the spring.  I will miss all my friends so much and keep realizing all the things I’ll miss out on and get kind of sad.  Like, I didn’t realize almost all of my friends, and me, have spring birthdays.  I’m sad that I will miss so many 21st birthday parties and fun experiences with my friends.  I am definitely looking forward to new experiences in Disney, but it’s still hard knowing what I’ll be missing in Auburn. So, everyone needs to text/Snapchat me all the time and I’ll pretend I’m with you! (Don’t forget about me!)

Fortunately, several of my friends will be graduating around the same time I will be now, so I will get another semester with them!  And another football season! That in itself makes it worth it to miss a spring semester! (War Eagle!)

And, I definitely know I am supposed to go to Disney, because everything has worked out perfectly so far.  The arrival and departure dates for the spring program couldn’t have worked out better.  I will be able to drive down with my parents and be back in plenty of time for my sister’s high school graduation and senior trip!  Also, I already have four of the five roommates I need lined up! We’re working on finding one last girl to live with, but we still have plenty of time! They all seem really great and I am excited to meet them in person and spend time hanging in our room and in the parks with them!

Oh, and if you were wondering about the title of the blog, it’s from a Walt Disney quote that one of my incredible roomies gave me to help me in my interview! I guess it worked!

That’s all I have for now, I will try and update this throughout the next few months as I get ready to go and when I’m in Disney!  I’ll use it as a central place for pictures and stories!

War Eagle! TLAM! Have a Magical Day!